Data Integration Input Elements

Query Database is type of input to "Select" records from a table based on search conditions.

There are following Steps to add Query Database input:

+ query database

All the available tables will auto load in a dropdown list with in Query Database input, you can select any database from this list.

query database select table

There are two filter criterions available

  • Any (select the records fulfilling any 1 condition)
  • All (select the records fulfilling all the conditions)
query database select filter critaria

All the columns of current table will auto load in dropdown list, you can select any column for a single condition and can apply a condition based on the following operators

  • = (exactly equal to the operand)
  • != (not equal to the operand)
  • > (greater than the operand)
  • < (less than the operand)
  • >= (greater than equal to the operand)
  • <= (less than equal to the operand)
  • <= x >= (x is less then equal to the operand and greater then equal to the operand)
  • contains (contains the operand)
  • starts with (starts with the operand)
  • ends with (ends with the operand)
  • is (is Null, is not null, operand should specify the condition)
  • `

After selecting columns and operator, you are to give the operand by entering the value or by selecting a variable.

You can apply as many conditions as many you want.

query database apply condition

To make a full IVR call flow by using Query Database input

You are to

  1. Select a Database
  2. Select filter criteria
  3. Apply conditions
query database example